AfA value chain

Our world has changed. The cost and inflation of healthcare is not sustainable, nor can an individual’s healthcare be treated in isolation. It must be seen as one part of holistic wellbeing that is inextricably linked to other aspects like thriving economically and simplifying the way we interact with the products and services we pay for.

Imagine partnering with a single organisation which coordinates all the distinct aspects of delivering health and financial wellbeing at scale, for less money with transparency and cohesive data analysis and reporting. That is exactly what the AfroCentric Group delivers for its clients.

AfA is part of the AfroCentric Group of companies.

Many Groups are formed primarily to ensure that multiple companies can function as a single economic entity through a common source of control. The AfroCentric Group is different. The Group was formed with the specific intent of disrupting traditional healthcare funding models so that funders and patients could benefit from significantly lower costs, unparalleled access and convenience and much-needed clarity in a sector which all too often leaves its customers overwhelmed by complex rules, benefits and decision-making.

Each of the Group’s companies can operate separately and deliver value to their customers through their respective capabilities. But the real magic happens when multiple AfroCentric Group companies come together to design solutions that harness a powerful value chain which cannot be matched or replicated by any of our competitors. The solutions this value chain offers to our customers enables them to thrive in a new economic climate, a new healthcare environment and a new world of work.


Our Group companies span the continuum of healthcare and financial wellbeing and include the following:

  • Preventative care
  • Wellness screening
  • Disease management, including HIV and other chronic conditions
  • Medical Scheme administration
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing, procurement and distribution
  • Corporate solutions to primary healthcare and occupational health
  • Financial wellness solutions
  • Rewards programmes
  • Digital solutions to financial and healthcare management
  • Individual and group insurance products
  • Employee assistance programme

Let us work with you to design a bespoke solution which will lower your costs and provide the integration required for customer convenience, holistic data analysis and future-proofing your organisation.