Ensuring people living with HIV achieve good health.

We provide a holistic solution across all aspects of HIV management.

From prevention and patient care to treatment and medicine delivery, AfA takes care of the people on our programme and the organisations who bear the responsibility of funding that care.

Our approach is to act as a partner with the funder, doctors, pathology labs, pharmacies and beneficiaries.


For people living with HIV, we ensure good health by coordinating all your HIV care needs – including emotional support and access to top healthcare providers.


For funders, we partner with you to mitigate financial risk through providing full spectrum care for your HIV+ people as well as strategic guidance.


For healthcare professionals, we give you the support you need to manage all aspects of your patients’ health.


AfA delivers a seamless experience for our clients. Our group business models deliver on pricing that is tough for competitors to beat.

AfA programme in numbers

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Years of excellence since 1998

Our services


Taking care of your HIV needs so you can focus on your wellbeing.

Medical schemes

Partnering with you to mitigate financial risk and provide strategic guidance.


Partnering with you to provide full-spectrum HIV care for your people.

Public sector

Partnering with you to provide HIV management at scale.

Healthcare professionals

Giving you the support you need so you can focus on patient care.

Life with HIV


 Are you HIV positive?

Do you know someone who is?

From how HIV is transmitted and all about antiretrovirals to safe sex and breastfeeding, find the answers to your questions here.


COVID-19, corporates and HIV management

Companies must communicate openly with their employees about various aspects relating to COVID-19, including encouraging HIV testing.


AfA, COVID-19 vaccines and HIV

AfA’s clinical committee answers questions on HIV and the COVID-19 vaccine, including safety and the important of being vaccinated.


COVID-19, medical schemes and HIV management

There has never been a more important time for all scheme beneficiaries to know their HIV status. Undiagnosed HIV may leave a person more vulnerable to complications or increase the severity of infection with COVID-19.



‘What is unique about AfA, is that compared to ALL the other HIV management programmes in South Africa, when you phone in to enrol a patient on the programme the person you speak to is a Pharmacist who has been fully trained in the intricacies of antiretroviral therapy (ARVs), drug-drug interactions and even resistance to the various drugs. Their knowledge on opportunistic diseases associated with HIV is excellent and appropriate advice is given on their management and possible problems that can be encountered with treating such diseases in the presence of ARVs.’

Dr Osman Ebrahim

‘AfA is just the best. I have been doing HIV care for 16 years and have never had any issue with them. Patient care is most important to them, and as an HIV clinician I find this heartwarming. I even use them for advice for non-AfA patients. Effective and efficient in what they do!’

Dr Kairoonisha Mahomed